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Personalized 10
Customize your multiplayer Profile and Character.

Go into the customization options after gaining enough money to purchase a customization and apply it to your character. You cannot just customize your emblem/title, you must actually purchase something to customize your character and change it. When in multiplayer mode, use and to select the tab to customize. The white "money" icon means in game credits you have earned playing. The gold "money" icon represents a different type of currency. If you really want an item and can't wait to get it, you may choose that type which translates into real money based off of Microsoft points.

The Truth Will Out 20
Unlock a hacked version of one of the Abstergo videos in the story quest.

This has been unlocking normally from challenges done in multiplayer mode, and you may get it without even trying. Find the Abstergo Story option in the menu. You will see various square pictures with blue icons below. Those icons represent challenges. Highlight the second set called Abstergo Dev Diary 1_Hack. You must complete two challenges to unlock it. Highlight the blue icons and see your progress. You need to earn a Multi Kill Bonus in any Team Mode or Wolfpack. This is easily done in Wolfpack with a second person, as both targets stand next to each other. The other challenge is to get Aerial Kill Bonus (20 total). After you get both challenges completed, you will unlock the video and the achievement will unlock without you having to actually view the video.

Secret Achievements
Daddy Dearest 20
Complete Present - Stadium.

Story related, can't be missed.

Criss Cross 20
Complete Present - Skyscraper.

Story related, can't be missed.

The End is Nigh 20
Complete Present - Abstergo.

Story related, can't be missed.

Head in the Cloud 20
Find all pivots and sync the Animus to the Cloud.

After you complete the main story and the credits have rolled, you can get back to your adventure. This achievement requires you to be online for it to work. Hit and you will see a new icon above the regular map. It will give you a short tutorial on how things work. Basically, there are things called pivots that are cheats you can find. They look like the picture below.

On the map in the new icon area, you can place your own pivots. When you place two of them, part of the map shows green. This means a pivot you do not have is somewhere within. To narrow down your search, place a 3rd pivot somewhere in the green. A good tactic is to guess somewhere in the middle and place your pivot. When you get a green triangle, go in the middle, remove another pivot, and place one in that spot (you can only place pivots on yourself).

It does take some getting used to but after one or two you will get the hang of it and it's extremely easy. You can knock this achievement out in an hour or so. There are a total of 10 pivots. Once you have obtained them all, pull the menu up and go into the pivot sub menu and things will sync and the achievement will unlock. Below is a video I made as an example.

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