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Battle Hardened DLC (Multiplayer)

-Estimated achievement difficulty:
2/10 (boosting) 5/10 (not boosting)
-Online: 1(25)
-Offline: 3(75)
-Approximate amount of time to 100: 1-2 Hours (boosting) 2+ (not boosting)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Minimum 3 sessions
-DLC Cost:
800MSP or comes with Season Pass
-Boostable: Yes

Brief Rundown:

Put in Disc 2 for multiplayer. These achievements are all multiplayer based, though for 2 of them you can play offline. Press to get to where a list has "extra content". If you have purchased the Season Pass, you may download it for free from this menu. Do not buy it from the Marketplace or else you will be charged again. Remember, boosting will help these achievements go a lot smoother. If you would rather lone wolf it, then enjoy your experience.

Boosting: You can boost the achievements in private matches if you'd like.

Non-Boosting: It's a little bit tougher to do legit but still possible. You can also do some of these in Wolfpack or Training sessions which is easy.

One for All 25
With any of the additional characters, perform 20 ‘Revive’ actions.

There are 3 new characters you get with this DLC.
  • The Influential Governor
  • The Resilient Highlander
  • The Fearsome Coyote Man
As one of the new characters, you must revive a team mate. See the above picture to see what they look like. You can only do this in team based games, obviously. When one of your team members are stunned, go up and press the prompt to revive them. This is when they have a green cross icon above their heads. If you don't, they will eventually revive on their own.

Non-Boosting Method: Follow your team mates around and don't really help except to revive them if they get stunned. Even if it means you will likely get stunned after, it's worth getting one or two.

A New Challenger Appears 25
Finish a multiplayer game session with each of the additional characters.

This will take a total of at least 3 sessions. Play as each of the below new characters:
  • The Influential Governor
  • The Resilient Highlander
  • The Fearsome Coyote Man
This can be done in any mode, and solo in Wolfpack if you want. Just choose one of the 3 characters included in the DLC and play one session. You cannot quit out early. If you aren't unlocking it, you may want to recheck the characters you picked. Some of them look similar. If doing Wolfpack, enter the session and just let the time run out.

Stubborn Stunner 25
Stun 3 pursuers without dying, playing with any of the additional

Choose any of the 3 new characters added in this DLC.
  • The Influential Governor
  • The Resilient Highlander
  • The Fearsome Coyote Man
You have to stun 3 enemies. When you are a "target", there will be people after you. When you find someone acting suspicious or obvious, quickly press to stun them. If they have also pressed the button you will get an honorable death instead. When you stun them, run off. It's best done in a team based game. Keep knives with you. If you see an enemy get stunned, you can quickly throw knives at him when he stands back up and stun him. This will be the harder of the achievements. Boosting would be your quick option here.

Non-Boosting Method: Your best bet is abilities. Assuming you are level 20 you should have a good amount to choose from. For example, place a trip mine at your feet and stand in a crowd. When it goes off stun and run. You can also use knives if you think you know your attacker before he gets to you. If on a team, sometimes you will get lucky and the attackers will be killing a team mate right by you and you can get a stun in. Chain it if you can with other enemy players or by using traps like a smoke bomb.

Training Method (found by Kameo550): Play the Training simulator from the menu (disc 2 only). Play until you get to 6/7 and you will need to stun a pursuer. During 7/7, you will stun again. You will get a notification to continue or to replay. Choose to replay and you will get the chance to stun a third time. This will unlock the achievement and is very easy.

Training Method Alt (found by VyperJMc): Play Introductory Session 3 which starts you off stunning people. Will be faster than any other method.

Wolves for Lambs 25
Complete a Wolfpack multiplayer session on any of the additional maps.

There are 3 new maps in this DLC. Just play a session on any of them. You must pick the game category Wolfpack and make sure it says Extra Content Maps. You must complete the map by doing all 25 sequences. As you get kills and points, you will get to the next sequence. There is no stopping and there is a timer. You must compete each kill as fast as you can but trying to gain a lot of points. The more people you have the easier it should be since you can get kills at the same time which gives you bonuses.

Even with 4 people, getting this complete could take 25-30 minutes to complete. It helps if everyone tries to get high point kills (not running in and killing everything when it appears). This means target with then hold it down to focus, waiting for incognito to appear on your upper right status, then killing.

Note: If searching for random open games, you have the possibility of entering a game session already in progress. If you're lucky, you may end up on a team that's already near the end.

Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find people, or just play with random people in the matchmaking.
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