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DLC: The Tyranny of King Washington, Part 1: Infamy
800 MSP
Points: 90

The Tyranny of King Washington, Part 1 DLC (Story)

-Estimated achievement difficulty:
-Online: 0 ()
-Offline: 3 (90)
-Approximate amount of time to 90: 2 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (replay available)
-DLC Cost:
800MSP or comes with Season Pass
-Boostable: N/A


This game can either be purchased by itself, or downloaded via the online pass. To access, you must download the content. From the main menu, you will see the Tyranny of King Washington. Choose it and it will want you to start a new game. This is it's own side game, so don't worry about overwriting anything from your real Assassin's Creed 3 save. You do need 100% sync, but this time around it's extremely easy with only a few retries on a couple of the sequences. You will have to collect a total of 3 artifacts and do some random side missions. All in all, very straight forward. It will be sad to note, that there are no fast travel locations besides when going to the main missions.

Step 1: Complete All Sequences

There are 6 sequences. Focus on getting the bonus objectives when they are available. When you fail one, just restart your checkpoint. It should only take an hour to an hour and a half to complete it.

Step 2: Finish 100% Syncing

Now you must load up free roam and finish the convoys, hungry civilians, and saving the people from the wolves. A trick to get this quickly is to quit afterwards and go back into your game. Go to the same spot and you should be able to get credit again.


A really easy DLC pack to get a completion on and fairly short. This is Episode 1 of 3.

Uniquely Familiar 15
Receive an unexpected gift.

Story related, can't be missed.

You gain this at the start of Sequence 2.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 15
Kill 25 enemies while staying cloaked.

You will obtain the cloaking ability in Sequence 3. All you have to do is make sure it's selected as your slot and press to cloak. You can move around invisible and kill enemies. It drains your life, so once low, hide somewhere and get out of cloak. Once your health is full you can continue again.

Easy Sequence Spot: In Sequence 4: One-Man Wolf Pack, you will come to a bunch of enemies in a straight line facing away from you (a firing squad). Cloak yourself and kill as many as you can. Reload your checkpoint after to start right behind them again. You can just keep doing this until the achievement unlocks.

Frontiersman 40
Reach 100% synchronization in the Frontier.

There are a total of 1000 sync points you must get. You will have to do all 9 bonus objectives within the 6 sequences. Also, you will need to do the 5 Attack Convoy, 5 Help the Hungry, and 5 Wolf Rescue citizen missions. Lastly there are 3 artifacts you must collect. Doing all of this will get you 100% sync.

Click HERE to follow a guide to get you 100% sync.

Secret Achievements
West Point Payback 20
Defeat Benedict Arnold.

Story related, can't be missed.

You will obtain this in the last sequence.

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