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Exchange undamaged pelts at all different general stores.

To get an undamaged pelt, you must kill an enemy while your "first" icon in your weapons is active. This usually involves punching the animal if you are running around carelessly spamming the button. You then trade the pelts that are in perfect condition as indicated by the description. You must sell at least 1 of any animal to every general store. There are a total of 3 stores in each area. You have to get close enough to the door for it to show up on your map. Maps coming soon.

I don`t understand this exactly...this is my only concern. So let`s say we are in there are like 3 shops? So if you sell all different pelts in all the shops in Boston (for example) you will get the achievement? So this way you would need 3 pelts from all animals right? Or do you have to sell all pelts from all animals in EVERY SINGLE SHOP in AC3? so this way you would have to sell them in New York too right? In this case you would need 6 Pelts from all animals...

Clarification is much required...
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