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Leveling Items is getting lame

At first I thought the leveling system of items was prettty fair because it seemed your main concern was the stars. But now I am seeing its the value of the items that is the real bullshit. I only play a warrior and only could imagine how much more this would suck if I was trying to Lvl all of them. So the problem: I have pages of crap that is worth 100 material points but you can only use a maximum of 6 items to Lvl an item. So thats only 600 material points when I have items that need close to 2000. So now I have to save up stars to Lvl crap items so that I can Lvl my important items. For example I have lvled a shield to lvl 4 but is only worth 160 points. Hmmm maybe another reason to buy tickets? This system is total crap!
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