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Enslaved sequel still possible

I recently came across this interview on gamasutra with tameem (from ninja theory) and this quesion was asked:

When I talked to you when you were doing Enslaved, you said that was right when you just became a two project studio, right? And obviously you have Devil May Cry going. Do you have another project going?
TA: Actually, we were hoping that it would be the Enslaved sequel... I wouldn't say it's not happening -- because you never say never -- but it's not started. We're not progressing on that. So for now we're going to focus on Devil May Cry. Everyone's full attention is on that game, and we've got one eye looking to the future on our second project, which we will need to start in the next few months.

This interview happened in october last year (two weeks after the same guy said an enslaved sequel wouldn't happen) and they have yet to reveal work on a second project and since talk on enslaved hasn't happened this year- maybe they are secretly working on a sequel but probably unlikely. Anyway here is the link to the interview
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