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I know these questions are old but they are unanswered and someone stumbling across this thread might want to know.

Originally Posted by Matt36 View Post
Going for an achievement I never got the 1st time of 4.

The Henchman achievement. It can be done offline, with 2 accounts?

I have an account, my gf has an account, both on my xbox. I joined her game and now just sitting here. Am I getting coin towards this achievement?
Yes, I got this achievement myself with two profiles on one Xbox, the demon door which requires two heroes can also be done on the same console. However, all the co-op achievements (marriage, partnership, child) must be with another Xbox live gold player.

Originally Posted by Nevergraf View Post
When I'm trying to make gold, "standby-ing my hero" & earning off of real estate, Does my controller have to remain turned on? ... or if the game pauses will I not earn any money? ... I'm sure this has been answered, however, I didn't see it in the main FAQ. Thanks.
Yes, the controller must stay turned on. When it turns off the game is automatically paused and all you're earning is a higher electricity bill
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