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Originally Posted by a7x4lyf3 View Post
Apparently Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge for the Wii-U, has 6 weapons, 3 types of Ninpo, limb dismemberment, and a new character progression level where you can actually upgrade the strength of your hp? Wtf did Team Ninja do, make us pay 60 dollars for for a friggin beta of a game that's not even going to be on Xbox? The only way this will be even near acceptable is if they add all of this content onto Ninja Gaiden 3 as DLC, which is not gonna happen, so I love how Team Ninja just basically kicked their Xbox 360 and Ps3 fans right in the face...
I was gutted when i played 3 such a waste i only played the demo but i see wht other people had put turned me rite off

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