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No matter your response Kenny tries to keep everyone moving, Christa takes Clem and tells her to come help see if Omid needs anything and Ben prods the fire and wants to know why he is being treated like a baby.

"So, you're just going to leave me on the bench here?" - Ben
1. Stay and protect Clementine. - You trusted Ben to look after Clementine.
2. Keep an eye on Omid. - You raise suspicion between both Ben's role and Omid's likelihood that he will live.
3. No offense Ben, but... - You put Ben on notice. In other words you begin to hint to him that he cannot be trusted and should be in the least influential role possible.
4. . . . - A similar blow to Ben's confidence.

The scene opens up again with Kenny and Lee making their way down to the water. While walking down the street Lee will try to spark conversation with Kenny. All of the options are non-altering so feel free to answer however you please.

With a little more walking another bell begins to ring. You and Kenny dart behind cover and you have another opportunity to talk to Kenny--also non-altering. When you reach the waterfront things don't exactly look as good as Kenny imagined them. You'll have the opportunity once again to say something to Kenny-- non-altering. After watching Kenny and Lee run comically to the water the extent to Kenny's insanity becomes apparent when he wants to salvage and wrecked boat. You got a final bit of dialog with him that is also non-altering.

Make your way down the pier to the telescope. Alas even in this post apocalyptic world things require money and you are short a quarter. You could turn around and go look in the cash register in the newsstand but that's already been picked clean. Head back toward Kenny and locate the newspaper dispenser. Bang on the newspaper dispenser until it gives you a quarter then head on back to the telescope. You'll find out that the boat isn't gonna work (thanks Kenny) and then begin to use the telescope. Begin panning left with the telescope. You can skip the sights until you see a person ontop of a building. Kenny and Lee will hide.

Lee has the chance to talk to Kenny before going to confront the mysterious person. Whatever you say to Kenny is non-altering leaving Lee going up the middle while Kenny stays on the flank. When you get to the stand and pop up you'll notice the mysterious person is gone and appears right behind you! With one quick swoop your wrench is gone and planted into the side of Lee's head. Right before the person is about to go for the kill on Lee, Clem asks the mysterious person not to. With that Lee is saved and the questions begin.

Note that if you are quick enough with your sequence of defensive moves you actually can beat the mysterious person although you do need to be quick. You'll get a different scene before Lee let's the mysterious person up. It's also non-altering whether or not you win, but it will effect minor dialog later in the episode whether or not you beat the mysterious person.

You're mysterious person turns out to be a young woman just trying to stay alive. She mentions Crawford which sparks an interesting set of dialog. All of the dialog in this section is non-altering so feel free to answer it however you please as your answers never change the way the events play out. The entire series of dialog with Molly is all non-altering, and you actually have to go through most of it to progress. It all ends with the geek squad barreling down the street you came down and everyone taking off down the alley.

Panic Event
  1. You'll start by reaching for Kenny's hand and then jumping to it. Alas this isn't enough and you will fall to the ground. Out of time for that option.
  2. Next bet is to take off down the alley way. Make it to the dumpster and give it a good push. Upon getting it out of the way you'll notice walkers that way too. Options are running low.
  3. Look down below you and try to open up the manhole. It won't budge but Molly is coming to our aid.
  4. Grab her trust weapon and begin to pry open the manhole. You'll have to press the button that appears on the screen in order to pry it open and fall in.

Panic Event Over

Phew that was a close call. An extremely long chapter and somehow we find ourselves in a tight spot. See you in the depths of chapter three.

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