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Complete chapter 3 of episode 4.

Welcome back to the stink infected realm of Savannah sewers where we pick back up on our journey. So let's get started.

Head down the steps opposite the ladder you climbed down. You will need to begin down the sewers to the right hand side of your screen. You will get to a ramp that leads down, slowly trek your way down it because if you move too fast you will slip and fall. Once you get to the bottom make your way further into the sewers. When you make it to the next bend take a look to your right at the drainage pipe. Remember where this is as it will be the key to getting by soon.

Now refocus your attention to the group of walkers. To the left of Lee is a passage way. Enter it. Now progress until you get to the pipe inside the passage way. Our next step is to turn the pipe so the water flows outside of the visible grate. You will see a walker stand at the flow of water and another come and block your original path in. Now progress a bit further in the passage way to a grate which can't be simply opened. You will need to use Molly's tool to open it up.

Notice where you are now. Back at the beginning. Make your way to the pipe and put the cog on it. Turn the cog to get the water flowing. Quickly make your way back to the new opened grate to avoid being eaten. Make your way back toward the original opening and wait until the last walker has passed. Take this opportunity to jolt out and head down toward the exit. On your way you will finally discover what happened to Chuck.

Progress further down the path...until... Let's get out of here alive.

Panic Event
  1. You've just been grabbed by a walker. Relax you have plenty of time to react. DO NOT USE YOUR GUN!. I'm warning you now use of the gun will cut your time down and also alter how the rest of the chapter will play out.
  2. Use Molly's weapon to dig into the hand and then button smash the button that appears to break free.
  3. Quick turn your attention to the walker heading toward you and embed it into its head.
  4. Crisis averted and the walkers by the water do not know you are there.

Panic Event Over

Make your way over to the sign on the far wall. Now look up to the ladder. Attempt to climb it with Molly's weapon and you'll notice that Lee fails miserably but knocks the sign out of place. Once you knock it out of place move it and notice there is a nice little passageway behind it. Time to go on in and see what's cooking.

You'll emerge in an old fallout shelter. Make your way to the door and find out just what's inside. You'll be greeted by Vernon and will also have the chance to make some quick game time decisions that will alter the progression of events down here. First of which is a quick question by Vernon;

"Who are you?" - Vernon
1. Nobody. - Will agitate the situation with Vernon.
2. I don't want any trouble. - Will try to calm the situation down.
3. I could ask you the same thing. - You chose to avoid the question.
4. . . . - The silence offsets Vernon.

You will have the chance do have a little non-altering dialog, but be ready for the next question from Vernon as it will make the difference between life and death.

"Damn it you're right. I'm sorry friend." - Vernon
1. [Threaten him] - You chose to threaten Vernon.
2. Let's talk about this. - Somewhat like the middle road. Progresses the dialog but isn't either good or bad.
3. I'm not from Crawford. - You chose to reason with the group.
4. . . . - Will push the dialog farther but leaves Vernon on alarm.

At this point no matter how you've handled the dialog with Vernon slowly move to take the gun from his hand. If you move too fast or have angered the group too much enjoy a nice death scene. After a bit of background you'll receive a question from Vernon which changes based on how you handled the interaction with the group.

How did you find your way down here? - Vernon
1. We're looking for a boat. - You were honest with Vernon.
2. That's not important. - You chose to avoid the question.
3. Walkers. - You were honest but not in a good way.
4. . . . - Similar to avoiding the question it only agitates things.

A bit more dialog prompts another important answer.

The sewer system can take you wherever you want to go - Vernon
1. Can you show me the way back? - You chose to ask for help.
2. I'll be fine on my own. - You chose to go back alone.

No matter your choice the topic of the sewers being like a maze comes up and Lee will have to talk about getting help.

Why should we help you? - Brie
1. If you don't, I'll kill you. - You chose to threaten them.
2. We can help you, we have medicine [LIE]. - You lie ot the group, although it matters not as they have meds and supplies.
3. I have to get back to Clementine. - Non-altering but will spark another, more important question.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

If you chose Clementine as your response

She's your daughter? - Vernon
1. Yes. - You lied to Vernon.
2. No. - You told the truth.

No matter how you let the dialog play out, Lee and Vernon leave the sewers and the achievement pops as soon as you go through the door to the house. We'll see you again for the deepening of the plot in Chapter four!

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