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Georgia's Last City 10
Complete chapter 5 of episode 4.

Strap your boots on and get ready for a long chapter with lots of action, revelations, and all the in-betweens. Let's begin chapter five.

Once outside make your way to the shed door and examine it. Lee determines that nobody could get in that way. Begin to walk back toward the house when you will hear a noise coming from the shed! Walk back toward it and go to open it when...CLEMENTINE!

She will have a quick non-altering dialog response and another when you realize just what she's found. Kenny will come out and snap out of his drunken stooper to see his little boat.

The screen goes black and next time it loads up Lee is in a room with Christa, Molly, and Vernon and has the chance to ask a non-altering question. After which Molly will put you in your place for pacing and Kenny will come back with a status report. Choose the good news or bad news, both are non-altering. This turns into how you will get the necessary supplies for the boat.

How are we supposed to get that stuff? - Christa.
1. What about Crawford? - Christa supports your plan.
2. We should just stay put. - You suggest staying around, but the group disagrees.
3. Let's search the streets. - Your idea of searching the streets isn't welcomed whole heartedly.
4. . . . - Conversation moves to Crawford.

Eventually the conversation shifts to how they should interact with Crawford.

Kenny talking about Crawford's relationship with outsiders. - Kenny
1. We take what we need by force. - You suggested an attack.
2. We negotiate. - You suggest negotiating.
3. We sneak in. - You suggest to sneak in.
4. . . . - Conversation carries on without Lee.

As the conversation progresses things look more promising and you'll have another chance at a non-altering response before everything kicks off. Lee makes his way to the staircase where Clem is sitting. Good chance to work on your relationship with Clem here. With a little bit of dialog Clem asks the million dollar question.

Crawford. - Clem
1. I don't know. - Uncertainty shows.
2. No, don't worry. - You asked Clem not to worry.
3. Yes, it'll be dangerous. - You were honest with Clem.
4. . . . - Your silence alarms Clem.

And then the conversation goes to Clem's parents.

"That must be where my parents are. Right?" - Clem
1. I don't think they'll be there. - You were harsh with Clem, but still leads to the next question.
2. It might be safer here with Omid. - Non-altering leads to the next question.
3. It's dangerous for children. - Non-altering leads to the next question.
4. . . . - Non-altering leads to the next question.

No matter your response, Clem will try one more time to convince you to take her with you.

"Can't I come with you?" - Clem
1. Yes. - Clem comes with you to Crawford.
2. No. - Clem stays back with Omid at the house.

No matter what you choose nightfall will come and the group will be gearing up to go infiltrate Crawford. Pre-infiltration talk reminds us of the harsh reality that even this prayer is crippled as the boat can hold no more than five people. Alas your conversation with Kenny is interrupted by Brie and Vernon.

"This is Brie, she can help us." - Vernon
1. How? - Non-altering.
2. The more the better. - Brie appreciates the support.
3. We don't need her. - Vernon doesn't appreciate that.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

Following this dialog you'll get another when everyone begins to leave only if you decided to take Clem with you. If you do not take Clem with you, you are now presented with a big option that could determine her fate.

"What should I do if something happens while you are gone?" - Clem
1. [Give her the gun.] - You give Clem the gun.
2. [Tell her to run and hide] - You decide to keep the gun.
Note that there is no time limit on this question. Read further on to see whether or not you want to give her the gun.

Now with either situation cleared up, Lee and the group proceed through the sewers to Crawford. Lee will lead the way, and after opening up the manhole cover the group will dart to wall cover. Vernon takes note of the lack of people, and Christa points out a single guard. Lee and Kenny begin to make their approach on the "guard" and when Lee get's close enough for the kill it turns out that the guard is actually a walker. In fact the entire town is dead.

Lee's fast thinking gets the group to beeline it for the school and with the doors shut comes the achievement one the onslaught of the "pure bred" walker horde. Ready yourself for Chapter six, we need to plan, prepare, expect to live.

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