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I had a weird one happen to me. I don't understand it much either. Anyway, have started a new player, except this time have not did the first quest of dealing with dragon in whiterun. Have done other quests but not this one, only because there is no dragons to kill. Ok, now to the glitch that I have had.

Go to whiterun to talk to arcadia to buy stuff. Went to her misc section, just to see. In that area was a chest. Like a chest that you would either loot or stock stuff in. The item weighed 0.5 and value was 248. The item was called, "DO NOT DELETE". I was like WTF? So I did a reload from a previous save and came back and it was still like that. After taking a break from the xbox, and then coming back to it. That chest is no longer in there, and now somehow she sells clothing in the misc section. I didn't grab a picture of it, but I did show my girl friend.
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