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Originally Posted by fastNcurious View Post
My main complaint about the game is that you can't tell how you got killed. I want the stupid death countdown to show me my stats vs the stats of the weapon used to kill me or the spell used, and any buffs, etc. I want to know how some dude can swing his sword once and kill 3 people who have full health. I can't get better at this game if I don't know why I'm doing bad. That's what this game fails at, imo.
Ya know I wonder about that sometimes myself. I have a pretty good staff for my mage and sometimes my damage is top tier. Other times I'm barely denting their health at all and I die in a few hits. Some of it is linked to lag though because I'll get killed but then get a triple kill after I died Or I'll be attacking them with no damage being done and no hit stun, they kill me, and then their health bar finally decides to drop to almost empty. Add that lag to the random DCing and poor/long matchmaking and you've got a recipe for rage and maybe a lil confusion.

Even with the upgraded equipment most times I don't really feel a difference. Especially since you can still get MOBBED no matter how good your equipment is. That's what makes this game tough for me, because I can know what I'm supposed to do and where I'm supposed to go to get the job done. But then with a team of up to 16 ppl that usually suck, my skills are pretty much forfeit=_=. But "excuses" aside I will admit that having good strategy has won me a few hopeless matches. And that feels pretty good when the odds were completely against my team.

My conclusion: Not the GREATEST game ever, atm until they fix the match making it's not even a GOOD game(more of a FINE/OK one). But it has potential once some things are ironed out. And it can be pretty addicting/fun if u keep it playful. If you try to take this game too seriously it just becomes frustrating. And at the end of the day this game is free(and I'm a poor soul~) so can't gripe too much!
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