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Best Practices 15
Beat your high score on a song immediately after practicing it in Rehearse.

There are several ways to do this. First is to play a song you did not do well on or feel you can do better on, go into practice mode and then do better when you hit perform from the after practice options. Second is to pick a song you haven't played, intentionally do poorly, go into practice mode and then actually try on your second attempt from the after practice options.

Note: You must beat your high score on ALL difficulties. For example, if your high score is 2 million on easy and 1.4 million on hard, you must beat 2 million after practice, even if you are playing on hard.

Master Mimic 10
Earned "Flawless" on every move your opponent created in Make Your Move.

Requires 2 people or a fake person.

Make Your Move is found in Party Mode and in Crew Throwdown. After your opponent creates a move, you will have the chance to try it. If you get flawless on all the moves that they create once, you will unlock this achievement. You can play it normally, or you can have you and your partner just stand there for the entire routine.

Movin' Up in the World 10
Earned at least 1,500,000 points in a single round of Make Your Move.

Requires 2 people or a fake person

Make Your Move is found in Party Mode and Crew Throwdown. This actually requires getting flawless on almost every move of the routine created from moves that you and your partner create. You can do this naturally, but one lost multiplier puts the score practically out of reach. If you want to make this easier, have you and your partner just stand there or choose slow, simple moves.

Unique Technique 15
Created a move in Make Your Move that your opponent cannot match.

Requires 2 people or a fake person

Make Your Move is found in Party Mode and Crew Throwdown. Once you make your move, your opponent has a chance to match it. If they cannot get Nice or Flawless, then you will unlock this achievement. You can do this by either creating a very difficult move or by having your opponent purposely fail or just stand there.

Do It… 15
Earned 5 stars on "The Hustle."

See "What a Scream"

Boogie Woogie Woogie 15
Earned 5 stars on "Electric Boogie."

See "What a Scream"

Que Soy Bueno 15
Earned 5 stars on "Macarena."

See "What a Scream"

Lost in the Shuffle 15
Earned 5 stars on "Cupid Shuffle."

See "What a Scream"

What a Scream 15
Earned 5 stars on "Scream."

These achievements are unlocked on the "Craze songs" in story mode. In order to unlock the song, you will need to get a certain number of stars in the decade as well as passing the 4 hidden moves. You can try the songs with the hidden moves as many times as you need. After that, decipher the craze and play the full routine. Since the craze is the main routine of the song, you will have seen it before and shouldn't have too much difficulty getting 5 stars on the song.

Can be done on any difficulty.

OMG Indeed! 100
Earned 5 stars on "OMG" on Hard difficulty.

This is worth 100g for a reason. The song is not easy and unlocks near the end of story mode. It is 80+ moves of high energy jumps, turns and tricky transitions where few of the moves repeat. You are going to need to practice the song a lot to get this done the proper way.

There is a trick that you can use, though. You can unlock this in practice mode. In order to do that, you will need to devote at least a half hour if not more to this one song as a result of the high number and diversity of moves in the song. In this game, score does not determine how many stars you get, it is actually the amount of nice and flawless moves you get and the multiplier you keep. So, when you are practicing, try to pass as many moves as you can both in the breakdown and the recap. If you fail a move, you can always say "XBox previous" to replay the last move and try again to pass it. That won't work for the recaps, but hopefully you will have a decent enough idea on how to manage the moves by that point and can muddle through with a lot of goods. If you have met the 5 star requirement at the end of the song in either practice or perform, you will unlock this achievement. To give you some guidance, I had about 95% or the moves passed in breakdown and about 75% of the moves passed in the recaps with the majority of the moves being "nice." So you do have a fair margin in practice. If you are doing this in perform, you will need a score of somewhere between 1.9 and 2 million points (depending on what moves you miss).

I've included a video of a Youtube personality doing amazingly well in the performance mode, just to give you an idea of what you are getting into.

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