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Keep It Old School 20
Performed a song with both dancers in matching Crew Look outfits.

You will need 2 people or a fake person

In order to do this you will first need to unlock the crew looks for two characters from the same crew. You unlock new outfits by earning stars and raising levels, with the crew looks starting to unlock around level 15. Once you have both members of a crew (ie Angel and Miss Aubrey or Emilia and Bodie) with their crew looks unlocked, do a two player performance with each character in their crew look and the achievement will unlock.

See "Walk-In Closet" for more details

Walk-In Closet 75
Performed a song with every character in every unlockable outfit.

This achievement is a little glitchy and will almost certainly unlock early.

Every time you play a song you will get progress towards the next rank by earning stars or gaining other bonuses like gold starring a song (bonuses are listed below). In theory this will not lock before you reach level 40, but in practice, this unlocks somewhere between level 20 and 30. In performance mode, you can simply go through songs one at a time, constantly picking a new outfit for each song and keeping track of what you have and have not used. For me this song unlocked at level 23 when I used Miss Aubrey's classic outfit, though others have reported differing levels in the same area.

You will gain a level and unlock a new outfit when you gain a certain number of stars. In addition to the stars you gain in the song you will also get stars for doing the following:
Gold starring a song (+1)
Playing in Fitness mode (+1)
Playing a DLC or imported song (+1)
Playing a new song (+1)
Playing a song with a character on their birthday (+2)
Playing a song in a setlist (+1)
Playing a song on Medium (+1) or Hard (+2)
Playing a more complicated song (+1 or +2 depending on difficulty level)
There is a +5 Random bonus that will come up from time to time as well.

Same Gold Story 20
Earned Gold stars on a song.

You get a gold star by getting mostly flawless moves on any difficulty. You will probably unlock this naturally while playing through story mode if you are playing on easy, but if you are struggling, try either YMCA or Around the World on easy. Around the World is high energy (read: lots of jumping), but it only features a few different moves on easy.

Weekend Warrior 20
Played Dance Central 3 on three weekends in a row.

Simply play at least one full song on Saturday or Sunday on three consecutive weekends. If this is not possible for one reason or another, you can always disconnect from LIVE and adjust your console clock to a Saturday or Sunday, play a song, adjust the date to the next Saturday/Sunday, play a song, then repeat for the next Saturday or Sunday. Your console's clock settings are located in the settings menu on the dashboard.

Consistent Performers 15
Earned the same move rating as your partner 5 times in a row.

This requires a second person. A fake person will not work.

In order to unlock this, you will need to score the same rating as your partner (Flawless, Nice or Almost) on 5 consecutive moves. Since miss no longer counts as a rating, you will need an actual person attempting the routine. The easiest song on disc is YMCA, but if you have Dance Central 1, you can import Pokerface by Lady Gaga, which consists of a lot of consecutive side to side steps at a slow pace.

Top Agent 15
Deciphered a Craze on your first try in Story mode.

This is missable. Once you have passed the four hidden moves in the decade while playing story mode and earned enough stars, you will be able to decipher the craze (The Hustle for the '70's, the Macarena for the '90's, etc.) You will need to get Nice or Flawless on each of the 4 moves in the craze on your first try to unlock this. There are 5 crazes in the story mode, so you have 5 chances, and it isn't that hard since you have seen the four moves before. If you somehow get to your last craze and do not have the achievement, you can dashboard if you fail. If you do not have this by the time you have passed "Scream," you will need to start a new save file to try again or start a new story on a higher difficulty.

Daily Grind 20
Played Dance Central 3 every day for at least 7 days in a row.

Like "Weekend Warrior," you can adjust your consoles date settings to get this. You will need to play at least one song every day for 7 days to unlock this.

Note: PlayFit has an achievement for doing the same thing, so after playing each day, it would be a good idea to load up PlayFit to get the streak achievement in that App.

Ten Large! 40
Earned "Flawless" on at least 10,000 moves.

If you do not know, a Flawless move is when you do well enough on a move for the ring at your feet to fill enough to turn purple. You will need to do this 10,000 times in any mode. Since the longest song I have seen on the disc is just over 80 moves, you will need to play at least 125 songs. Run (Natural Disaster) from Dance Central 2 is about 93 moves and the longest song I have found from the imports, so you will need to play over 100 songs to get this anyway.

To make this go faster, turn off Freestyle from the options menu and you will gain around 10 moves per song. You cannot turn off Freestyle for songs imported from Dance Central 1, though. Dance Central 1 songs also have far fewer moves on average, so you are better off drawing more from the songs on disc and from Dance Central 2. This can be done on any difficulty.

There is no way of seeing how many moves you have gotten flawless or nice on, unfortunately. However, if you sit in the main menu it will give you random stats. One of those stats is "Songs played," which will allow you to get an idea of how close you are if you have a vague idea of how many flawless/nice moves you are getting per song.

Beyond Flaw 20
Earned "Flawless" on at least 1,000 moves.

See "Ten Large!" This will probably unlock naturally during Story Mode.
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