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Really Nice Moves 30
Earned "Nice" on at least 10,000 moves

This DOES NOT stack with "Ten Large!" That means that you must get 10,000 moves where you do well enough to get a nice rating (circle turns green), but not well enough to get a flawless rating. As you play through the game, you will likely find a number of songs where you get a large number of nice moves, like Stronger or The Breaks from DC2. You can try playing these songs frequently, or you can play songs where you try to just muddle through. Some songs will give you a nice rating if you play on easy but only do hand motions without moving your feet. You will be making progress with this after every song, barring an amazing performance, so there really isn't much need to grind from this until after you have passed the 10,000 Flawless moves.

There is no way of seeing how many moves you have gotten flawless or nice on, unfortunately. However, if you sit in the main menu it will give you random stats. One of those stats is "Songs played," which will allow you to get an idea of how close you are if you have a vague idea of how many flawless/nice moves you are getting per song.

Nice Moves 20
Earned "Nice" on at least 1,000 moves.

See "Really Nice Moves."

Go Shorty 15
Performed "In Da Club" with a character on that character's birthday.

Harmonix gave every character a birthday. You can find it out in one of two ways. You can notice that you got an extra star for playing a song with the character, or you can consult the list of birthdays HERE. After you know when the character's birthday is (which is usually announced on Twitter or Facebook, too), go into perfrom, pick the song "In Da Club," and select that character. If you cannot wait, you can change your console's date to the character's birthday and play offline. Rasa (the first character you use in the story) has his birthday on October 16th (Launch day for the game in North America) if you do not feel like consulting the list and are going to change your date settings.

Dig In Deep 10
Changed the sorting options on the Song Select screen.

When you are choosing a song in performance mode, simply swipe your left hand from the top left corner into the center. This will sort the songs alphabetically and unlock the achievement.

Playing Favorites 25
Danced with the same character at least 20 times.

You may get this while going through Story and Master Quest, but you can also just keep choosing the same character for performance mode. Once you reach 20 songs, this will unlock. 20 songs is also the longest setlist you can create, so you can get this by creating a 20 song setlist. You will probably get this naturally while grinding moves even if you are not trying.

We're Friends, Right? 20
Linked Dance Central 3 to your Facebook account.

You may already have your account linked to Facebook, in which case this will unlock when you upload your first photo. If you do not, try to upload a photo after the end of the song and you will be able to log into Facebook.

If you do not have a Facebook account, you can sign up for free at Note that it does not need to be your main Facebook account that you link to. If you are not comfortable posting pictures of yourself dancing on your own account, you can create a new one with a seperate email account.

Just Pick Something! 10
Skipped 5 songs in Party Time.

As soon as the game starts, you can select "Start the Party," which will take you right to Party Mode. Once you are there, just swipe your right hand from the lower right corner to the center to get a new random song. Do this five times and the achievement will unlock.

Up All Night 25
Started a Party before midnight and played 'til morning.

In order to do this, you need to start a Party (Start the Party from the main menu) sometime before midnight and then finish a song after midnight. If you time this correctly, you can get this with a single song. You don't actually need to be there while the party is going, so if you are not able to play that late/early, you can leave the game running over night and play the required song when you wake up. You can also change your timezone to something more appropriate in your console settings if you need to.

Party Planner 20
Started a Party with a Custom Playlist.

Once you create a playlist in Perform mode, you can go into party mode and select only songs from that playlist in the options menu. Once you do this, the achievement will unlock.

Custom-Made 15
Played through a Custom Playlist at least 15 minutes in length.

In perform mode, there will be an option to create a playlist at the top of the song select menu. Select that and and add 6 or 7 songs to your setlist and play it to the end to unlock the achievement. The length of the song is listed in the playlist.
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