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Beat Down 10
Earned at least 450,000 points in a single round of Keep the Beat.

This requires 2 people or a fake person.

Keep the Beat can be found in Party Mode or Crew Throwdown. This mode is simply you and your partner creating your own routine to the beat of the song. You get more points by being on beat, so listen for the beat and do simple moves to the beat in order to get a large number of points. I would recommend something simple like side steps while clapping. The required score is pretty low compared to what you could possibly get.

Minor Skirmish 15
Finished a Crew Throwdown with two single-player teams competing.

This needs two people or a fake person.

Select Crew Throwdown from the Dance menu and when it asks you to choose your crews, have only one person step up for each crew. It might be wise to select only "Make your Move" and "Keep the Beat" from the options menu for the other achievements related to those modes. Once you finish the Throwdown, this achievement will unlock.

Shut 'Em Down 20
Won every round of a Crew Throwdown.

This requires 2 people or a fake person.

A Crew Throwdown consists of three rounds and a finale. Select it from the Dance menu and make sure you win every round. You can do this naturally or just have your partner throw each round.

Rematch! 15
Replayed a Crew Throwdown with the same teams.

This requires 2 people or a fake person.

After finishing a Crew Throwdown, simply select replay or rematch. The achievement will unlock after the second throwdown starts, so there is no need to finish the full throwdown if you do not want to.

Rippin' It Up 30
Earned 5 stars on all 9 of Riptide's songs on any difficulty.

See "DCI's on the Prize."

Where Have You Been?? 20
Played 10 songs with D-Coy.

The joke here is that Dare and Macoy were in Dance Central 1 but not 2. To play a song with either of them you must first unlock them. I unlocked them at level 10 while working on Master Quest, so you may need to free them from the clutches of Dr. Tan before they will unlock for you. Once they are unlocked, play 10 songs total between Dare and Macoy and you will unlock this achievement.
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