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Originally Posted by ViNyLek View Post
You call this a guide?

Drop Bears
, pretty simple challenge while in a WG match of any type you need to get 3 Assassinations.

Dominator, for this challenge you need to win 2 games in the Dominion playlist. This is a 6v6 playlist

I am not sure if I should be offended or grateful at this point. Most of them are so obvious that you just turn description into longer sentences LOL At least give us advise on how about doing it, tactics/maps/loadout...
Who said this was a "guide"? It's a thread informing everyone what the challenges are. That's it. So people can come here if they're at work or want to check on their phone or whatever instead of actually loading up the game or going to Waypoint.

So basically you want him to spend his time to come up with strategies for all these challenges just to help you out? Why does he need to? What's the matter, can't figure them out yourself? Can't figure out how to win two Dominion matches or do three assassinations?

Want a guide?

Assassination - come up to someone from behind and hold RB (default controls). You have to do this three times in one match. Obviously, stealth works best; just try to get behind your enemy.

There's your guide. How can you strategize being stealthly in a game like this?

Offended? Because someone is taking their personal time and informing the community about a game when he doesn't have to? I think Ensign Hugh Man is the one who should be offended by your statement.

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