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DLM i think you need to change the information on Moving on up and The challenger.
What you missed out is i done both solo challenges on legendary this weekend that earn good exp, it doesn't need to be multiplayer modes exactly, campaign has a weekly challenge which can happen like this week now so frequently i got the 1st challenge achievement and sr5 rank without playing multiplayer so if you look closely the campaign challenges count also. I also don't understand about completing the whole solo legendary achievements either; I done 2 solo missions on legendary i had to play the completed mission on legendary on heroic to get the skull challenge done so i forgot to do that one so i'm not sure if that affects what i have did was either wrong or alright, though i never touched heroic on mission 3 which is i'm currently on, there was no start unlike all halo games but alpha starts which also i'm not sure if it occurs as an error not completing it in solo legendary as i play them by my own anyway cause i dont trust anyone ever.
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