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Originally Posted by Idain Auzkovyn View Post
Does any one know if the double exp from moutain dew work in spartan ops?
I would say yes just because of this post
Originally Posted by JONBLEACH View Post
Well if 9-10k exp per run with double exp is considered good then yes.
I did that and reached XP Cap twice so far
Seems to me like they are talking about it working in Spartan Ops.

Originally Posted by theNomad View Post
Yeah its kinda fun to solo them alone (if nothing else it lists your highest completion so I wanna try Legendary them all, even without daily xp or achievements popping in future episodes).
and fairly easy considering you just respawn all day, I feel like maybe they should have a respawn cap so you have to at least try and strategize otherwise you can just keep throwing bodies at the enemy.... Low on ammo can't find any nearby I'll just go die really quick.

Originally Posted by Sanchezz4387 View Post
as a previous post states, episode 1 chapter 2 is fantastic for farming xp, i was on heroic last night and getting 4.5k per run. its more worthwhile than MP

anyone know when episode 2 comes out?
I thought they said every Friday they would have a new episode not sure at what time of day they will be available...

******NVRMND*********** Scratch that just looked around and on ign they have the dates that the new episodes will be realsed looks like every Tuesday... Makes sense I guess since new games come out on Tuesdays and that will have been one week since the frist episode was available.

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