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Originally Posted by Lance1987 View Post
I can't obtain fists of fury trophy/achievement. I've killed more than 50 enemies with my punch after activate the berserker with the artifact. It's some kind of glitch or i do something wrong?
Originally Posted by Tarnpanzer View Post
You must do it in Doom3, not RoE or LM.

Kills with Berserk are not counted!
He specifically said "Fists of Fury", where you have to melee 20 enemies using Berserk. This has to be done in RoE, NOT Doom 3 or LM.

Now if he was talking about "Unarmed Badass", then yes, that can only be done in Doom 3. But he wasn't. Get it?

Fists of Fury – 10
Use the Artifact with Berserk ability to punch out 20 enemies in RoE

Once you defeat the Berserk Hunter boss, the Artifact will be granted the ability of Berserk. You will simply need to activate the Artifact enough times to obtain 20 melee kills while you are under the effects of it.
Lance, I don't know what's wrong honestly. I haven't heard of this glitching for anyone else. "Unarmed Badass" unlocked for me after I had meleed 31 enemies instead of the 20 required (I think that has to do with me shooting enemies to weaken them before meleeing them, and I don't think they count if that's done). Haven't played RoE yet. I know I really haven't helped. Are you sure you the effects of the Berserk are still active when you keep meleeing enemies (i.e. not wearing off)? I'm not doubting that you are doing it correctly, just strange that you say you've meleed 50 enemies and it hasn't unlocked. All I can say is keep trying.

Also, I don't think it has not been proven or disproven, but say you melee 5 enemies then reload a checkpoint and melee the same 5 enemies, this might or might not work. I don't know if these kill achievements are cumulative when you reload a checkpoint. Are you perhaps doing that?
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