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Originally Posted by Dead Like Me View Post
Sorry about that, will search for one.

I agree! Much easier & shorter then attempting the first Solo Spartan Ops Legendary

Basically keep the pistol as your secondary weapon. Pick up any other weapon as your primary. I'll see if I can fix the wording to help.
I kept both for the rest of the semester on mission 3, i assassinated those resident evil rip off knights when they stoped looking to hunt me, the shield thingy is useful on legendary as i done it on that difficulty cause no one HAS answered my question that if i have done a legendary mission already doing it on heroic as i had to do thunderstorm challenge.

So all i did as i can be a iron fist, when those forerunner doggies show up, they lure close to me and i just wait for one of them to use melee and i cancel the shield thing and i'll melee them it takes 2 of the B buttons to do it so i hold the b as well to assasinate the white knight as they have the same enemy movement trait to elite heros and zealots.

I just think using forerunner weapons are in legendary 100% useless except what the white knight posseses.
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