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First of all, there are a lot of things wrong with this game. The enemy AI is truly 8 bit levels of stupid, following pre-set patterns, staring at walls or deciding after 15 seconds that their comrade whose dead body is right in front of them must have had a heart attack and continue their merry patrol over his corpse. Generally if you're seen you might as well just restart from the last checkpoint (some of which are very poorly laid out) since although you have guns, it's extremely hard to target anyone who hasn't noticed you. Problem is, the last level abandons stealth almost entirely and forces you to run and gun. Without exaggeration, I have just spent nearly 2 hours on the last checkpoint, even after finding a glitch where I could hide behind a spawn point.

But here's the strange thing - I really enjoyed it. Normally I'd rage quit over anything where I have to restart a few times, let alone the 10+ attempts it took me on certain sections. Yet here I just kept on at it, and when I finally beat the game I was immediately glad I stuck with it. Surprisingly, it's from a German developer, and it's interesting to see the people you have to kill talking about how they hope the war ends, or reading letters to their wives and children. It also seems as if our heroine might just enjoy her job a little too much.

The final level is however utterly brutal, and conveys the horrors of war far better than the likes of Call of Duty ever could. There are no fountains of blood such as in Dead Space or Mortal Kombat, but the way the violence is conveyed here, largely out of sight, is far more shocking.
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