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Fuck this achievement, and fuck whoever thought of hardcore mode. Seriously, this is ridiculous. I don't have all the time in the world to play games and when I attempt this mode, some stupid shit always happens. I was fine all the way up until chapter 14 and now it seems impossible.

Edit: I finally beat it last night. I think it took me three days or so from start to finish. I was doing okay up until chapter 13, that's when the most frustrating stretch for me was, I saved right at the beginning of the chapter, and it took me 10 HOURS to make it from 13 to 15. I kept getting killed for dumbass reasons lol. One time was during the start of 14 I got cornered waiting for the elevator, and as I was trying to grab a stasis canister, I ended up grabbing something else right next to it, TWO different times. I cussed Issac out XD

I would also like to add that my damn TV is shot, its grainy as hell (like Silent Hill times 3) so it was incredibly difficult to see the enemies from a distance, so the spitters kept hitting me! I've had the TV for almost four years and it decides to screw up when I'm already a few chapters in without saving. Made the game even more of a nightmare.
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