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Collectible Guide

Peg Leg Trinkets
There are 24 trinkets in total. They are needed for the Peg Leg side mission and will unlock secret areas such as Fort Wolcott and Oak Island. The Trinkets have fixed locations and spawn at any time. The quest giver can be found at the harbor of the Homestead. Return the trinkets to him to progress in the side mission. You can also buy a map for all the trinket locations at the in-game general store. This will make it a lot easier to find everything.

Almanac Pages
(Blowing in the Wind)
There are 36 Almanac Pages in total. 20 of them can be found in Boston and 16 are scattered across New York. One Almanac chapter consists of 4 different pages. Each chapter unlocks an invention for your homestead manor.
Once you get near a page it will start flying away. Walk into a page to catch it. If you cannot catch it then it will disappear. All pages respawn after a short period of time. Walk 100 meters away from the spawn point and return after a minute.
Completing one single chapter will give you the Blowing in the Wind achievement. Crafting one of the unlocked inventions will give you the Patent Not Pending achievement. Finding all collectibles and reaching 100% total game progress is also a requirement for the Completionist achievement.
You can buy an in-game map for all almanac locations at the general store. This makes it at lot easier to find them!

- Boston (20 Pages)-

- New York (16 Pages) -

There are 50 feathers in total. All of them are scattered across the Frontier. Most of them can be found on trees and only very few are cleverly hidden inside buildings or caves. You can buy in-game maps at the General Store that will reveal all Feather Locations. Buying the maps costs 10.000, so you might want to wait until you have enough money.
Collecting all feathers will unlock a new special outfit that can be equipped at the Homestead Manor. The Feathers are also needed to reach 100% overall game completion and are thereby a requirement for the Completionist achievement.

Templar Forts
There are 7 Templar Forts in total. They won't show up on your map unless you have found them. Liberating the Forts will lower taxes and increase your income from convoys. There are 2 Forts in Boston, 3 in the Frontier and 2 in New York. To liberate them you always have to perform the same actions. Kill the Fort Captain, Blow Up the Power Reserves and Lower the British Flag. Liberating all Forts is also needed to reach 100% overall synchronization and to earn the Completionist achievement.

General Stores
(Coureur des Bois)
Exchange undamaged pelts at all different general stores.
There are 9 different General Stores in total. Some of them are not shown on the in-game map, but all of them can be visited after reaching New York. To get undamaged pelts you have to kill animals with the hidden blade and skin them. Once you have at least 9 undamaged pelts you need to sell one to each store.

Homestead Mission Locations
(A Complete Set)
See all the optional characters settled at the Homestead.
There 37 Homestead Missions in total. The first two of them will be completed automatically during main story missions. All the others need to be played in a specific order. The homestead has its own little story line and there will only be a few missions available at a time. Doing these missions makes the homestead bigger and settlers can craft special objects that can be traded to make money quickly. The more missions you do, the more recipes are unlocked and you can craft higher quality goods. As a nice little bonus you will also receive Achille's original Assassin outfit after all homestead missions have been completed.
You will unlock the "A Complete Set" achievement after 21 missions. Completing all homestead missions is also a requirement for the "Completionist" achievement.

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