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Subscribing to x360a FAQ

Welcome to the Subscribing to x360a FAQ thread. Have questions about subscribing? Donating? Want to help out the number 1 achievement website on the internet? All of your questions can be answered here!

The purpose of subscribing is to help us maintain the site, which helps keep the servers up and running to provide you all with the best achievement site around. The main benefit of donating or subscribing is the knowledge that you're giving back to the community. Ever want to help contribute to the site, but you don't write guides? This is your chance!

Q: Where do I Subscribe or Donate to x360a?
A: You can find the Subscribe/Donate buttons on the top of the page, or by clicking one of the buttons below.

Q: How much does it cost to subscribe?
A: There are 4 options to choose from when subscribing.

Bronze - $10.00 US/month
Silver - $15.00 US/month
Gold - $20.00 US/month
Platinum - $25.00 US/month

Q: Can I donate with a credit/debit card?
A: Not directly, no. We accept payments through PayPal, so to use a credit or debit card simply add that to your PayPal profile as the primary fund source.

Q: Why Paypal and not direct credit/debit cards?
A: Paypal is the only way to subscribe or donate, for your protection and ours as well. You can find more information about how secure Paypal is here

Q: Can anyone subscribe, or is this limited to people in the US?
A: Yes! Anyone can be a subscriber, it's not limited to the US only. You simply require a PayPal account.

Q: How long does the subscription last? Are you tied to a contract?
A: Once you subscribe you are a subscriber for a month. There are no contracts.

Q: Do subscriptions auto-renew?
A: Yes, it renews on a monthly basis.

Q: Would it be the first of every month? or last? or is their a specific date?
A: It will charge your PayPal account on the same day next month. If your first payment is on the 9th, it will renew on the 9th the next month.

Q: Can I cancel at any time?
A: Yes. You can cancel at any time, you will remain a Subscriber for the rest of that month even if you cancel early.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?
A: On the overview of your PayPal page click on details of your subscription, and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will find the cancel option there. Alternately, look at the pre-approved payments list and cancel from there.

Q: My PayPal says the payment was sent to Aleksander Gjengsto, is this the correct person?
A: Yes. He is the site Administrator, RoutineX.

Q: Who do I talk to about issues with subscribing or donations?
A: Creech should be able to help you with most issues, in a situation that he can't assist you, he will direct you to RoutineX

Q: Are there any rewards or perks for being a subscriber?
A: Yes!
You are awarded a forum badge that matches which level of subscriber you choose along with the donation forum award.
Subscribers also have access to a subscribers only forum!
Your forum name will be changed to green to show that you're an active subscriber.
You will be able to join the Maximum Clubs without needing to meet the normal requirements!
Subscribing is the only way to change your forum name.
You get a customizable title to add under your username!
Larger avatar size increased to 150x150!
You will have a higher level of visibility with the staff, the chance to be involved in special projects that are not open to regular members, ability to submit questions for developer interviews and more!

This is a great way to get more involved and give back to this fantastic community!

Q: If I cancel, will I lose my green name, custom title and my subscription award?
A: Yes. You will keep your donation award but the others will be removed as they are awards for being an active subscriber.

Q: What is the point in donating?
A: Donating is a great way to give a little back to the community!

Q: What perks are there for donating as opposed to subscribing?
A: Donating will give you a forum award based on the amount you donated. You also get these as a subscriber. There are a few different levels to this award.


Q: I want to change my forum name, can I just donate to do this?
A: No, only subscribers get the perk of having their names changed.

Q: I have a few infractions to my name, will these get wiped if I show my support to the site?
A: No, but they do eventually expire. They will forever be visible to the staff of the site.

Q: How long does it take for my name to turn Green and when will I have access to the subscriber forum? Also what about my forum awards?
A: Once you subscribe, access to the subscriber forum is granted right away. You also will have access to your new customizable title which can be found under User CP>Details.
There is a thread in the subscribers forum where you can post requesting your Green name.
You can find the thread for requesting missing awards here.

Q: I'm interested in subscribing and was wondering if there is a minimum subscription time?
A: Once you subscribe you are a subscriber for the rest of that month, it automatically gets renewed monthly unless you cancel it through Paypal.

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