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Originally Posted by I mak3 big boom View Post
No way this is an 8. More like a 5.

Great guide either way
I agree. I've completed my Co-op Heroic playthrough - it was tough at times because the Knights are a new enemy and are difficult to read in terms of damage taken...
A bit of Knight Info:
Headshots do the most damage. Assassinations are 1 shot kills
They have shields - when you see a faint blue burst from their body their shields are down.
And then I believe there are two face modes, one is flaming red... almost as if you've shot off the white shell on their face.
Anyhoo, I'm currently on Level 6 'Shutdown' Solo Legendary and I'm not finding it any more difficult than my Co-op Heroic playthrough. If anything I'm finding it a bit easier... having had experience and know which gun combo works the best for me. I'm thinking it's more of a 5 or 6 for Halo vets. After I'm finished with the campaign I'll edit the Roadmap accourdingly.

My set up for the first half of the campaign
Primary (Grunts, Jackals, Elite):
I use the BR & Pistol as much as I can for headshots until ammo is scarce.
Then I grab a Carbine because there is usually plenty of ammo available.

Secondary (Shield takedowns & EMPs):
Always had a 60%+ Plasma Pistol for depleting Elite shields, Banshee, Ghost, Wraith emp.
Only dropped the Plasma Pistol for a Sniper, Railgun, or for a quick use of Rockets (quick vehicle/banshee takedown) or Sticky Detonator.

My set up for the second half of the campaign
Primary (Crawlers & Watchers, headshoting Knights): LightRifle

Secondary (Knight take down): Scattergun - when I'm out of ammo I pick up a Suppressor and unload it close range on the Knights.
I'll drop the Scattergun temporarily for a Binary Rifle or Incineration Cannon.

Use Pulse Grenades! For some reason, they never killed any Knights in my Co-op Heroic run, but in my Solo Legendary run I'm killing plenty!

Hope this helps! It will make Solo Legendary a breeze!

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