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Intel Locations Guide

*If you are going to use the text guide for your own videos, have the decency to give credit to the person who wrote it. Not very fun having bots disliking your videos, is it?* =]

ALL credit to OLine57. He was fortunate enough to get the game from his local GameStop and decided to make a guide for this.


Text Guide For Intel Locations In Black Ops 2

There are 3 intels per campaign level. There are no intels in the Strike Force missions.


1. After you get off the side of the truck and advance a little way, you will see a big truck on its side on the right side of the field of battle. If one of your perks is Access Kit, you will see the word Access on the screen where the truck is. The intel is to the right of the truck.

2. Once you're on the ship, climb up the ladder on the left side towards the front. Take a couple steps forward and the intel is on your right in a corner.

3. When you're running from the enemies you will come across sniper perches. After your partner (I can't remember his name) throws the first smoke grenade, you will come to a second area with sniper perches. The intel is in the first sniper perch on the left.


1. After the wing suit sequence, you will come to a facility with lots of enemies. Once you fight your way up the hill, you will come to a helipad. Stay to the left on the helipad and hug the wall. There will be a room that opens up on your left. The intel is inside on a table.

2. Once you enter the underground facility, hug the left wall for a few feet until you come to a window. The intel is sitting on a desk, you can grab it through the window.

3. After you rescue the guy from the box and defeat the intruders, there will be a room that has opened up at the other end of the room you're in. This room is directly opposite from where you're supposed to turn the keys at the same time. The intel is on a desk directly across from the entrance to the room.


1. Once you get into the war/meeting room in the cave and everybody runs off to fight, look to your right. The intel is right against the wall.

2. Once you're back on the horse, ride straight out from the base a good ways. You will see a red flag sticking out of the ground with a weapon crate behind it, and a giant rock sticking up behind the flag. The intel is at the base of the flag.

3. Go straight from the last intel to this one. Go back to the ravine where the wood bridges stretch across it. Just before the first bridge, there is a path that lets you get up to higher ground. Once you reach the top of the path (it's only a few feet up) you will see a cave in front of you. The intel is at the mouth of the cave on the right.


1. Go to the end of the burning barn. There will be a wagon on the right side. The intel is in the back of the wagon.

2. When you assault the mansion, you will see a bell tower on the right. Climb up two ladders. Halfway up the second ladder you will see the intel. Hop off the side of the ladder and onto the landing to grab it.

3. This one is in the underground drug lab. Immediately after you pass through the sunken drug-making area, there will be a room on your left. The intel is in this room, on the right side, on a bench.


1. This intel is in the room you start in. Just look to the right, and you will see it against the wall.

2. After you dodge the bus, there is a room to your right. The intel is on the floor to the left as you walk in this room.

3. Once you sneak past the drones and are out of the water, simply walk straight and you will walk right into it.


1. This intel is in the server room. Head to the back right of the room, to the right of the elevator. It's on a desk.

2. Once you're in the mall, this intel is on the bottom floor in a store called d'HO. The intel is on a counter in the back left of the store.

3. Once you get outside into the giant open area, stay right. I mean stay as far right as you can, hug the walls and barriers, otherwise you will get lost. Eventually, you will come across a cart with a computer monitor on it. The cart is a few feet in front of a neon sign that says LKH on it. The intel is on the cart next to the computer scren.


1. After you drop down from the catwalk, go the only way you can go. You will come to a staircase that goes down. Look to the left and you will see shelves against the wall. The intel is on a shelf.

2. This one is kind of difficult to explain. It's on the far left side of the slums in a red building with a big hole in the wall. Here are some landmarks to look for. There is a dumpster on fire outside the building. There is a big, red, two story house with a tower on the left side of it near the intel building. There is a red building with a white sign that says, "Gran Fans Herramientas". You can see all these landmarks from a few feet outside the hole in the intel building.

3. Once you are back inside, walk straight down the hallway and you will walk right into it.


1. On the right side of the courtyard you start out in, just before you get to the street, is a tower. Go up the first flight of stairs and look to your right. The intel is there on the floor.

2. Once you gain control of the drones, follow the alley the only way you can. Once you round the corner, there will be an enemy shooting at you from a window. The intel is in this room on the floor in the back left corner, behind some boxes. You will need to be standing on the boxes to get the intel.

3. Once you get out of town and are on the cliffside, there will be two white houses. The intel is on the roof of the second house. Go up the exterior staircase on the right, follow the outside balcony around and you will find a ladder to the roof. The intel is on the left side of the roof.


1. This intel is on the bridge of the ship on the far right side on a computer terminal. If you have the Access Kit, you can hack a turret. After you hack the turret is when you reach the bridge of the ship. For those of you that don't know, it's not an actual bridge. The bridge of the ship is where you steer it.

2. After you find Briggs, you will come to a room full of computers. Stay along the right side wall. There will be a staircase on your right. Go up the stairs, and the intel will be on your right on a small table.

3. This intel is on the deck of the ship. There is a row of planes on the right side. In the last plane, 63m from your objective, is the intel. Walk up to the side of the plane and grab it.


1. Once you rappel down, you will see a flashing sign on your right that says, "FREEWAY EVAC ROUTE". Directly across from that sign is an orange-ish SUV that has exploded. The intel is on the ground next to the SUV.

2. Once you get out of the truck you were driving, go into the first doorway of the first building on your left. Once you're in the building turn right. You will see a desk on your left with computer monitors on it. The intel is on the desk.

3. Go through the doorway under the sign that says, "Shops At The Plaza". Go up the stairs. On your right is a T-shirt stand that says Wes's. The intel is on the bottom shelf.


1. Once you leave the area you start in and go up a level, go to the right. You're looking for the building that has 27 on the outside of it. Go upstairs in this building. The intel is on a desk on your right.

2. Once you get into the control room with the tons of computers and giant screens on the walls, go up the middle set of stairs. Once you go up 3 short levels, go down the aisle on your left. The intel is on your left on a desk, next to a computer monitor.

3. You will come to a circular room that has two staircases going up and two staircases going down. Take one of the staircases down, and it will get very dark. Hug the wall, (it doesn't matter which way you go) and you will see the intel sitting on a crate.


From what I was told, you must complete the level after grabbing the final intel for the achievement to pop. Don't freak out when you grab the final one and nothing happens.

Congrats, you got all the intel!

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