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Originally Posted by ReverendSID View Post
I'm almost tempted to ask if you're sure you're on Legendary. Cause My experience was the exact opposite. Pulse grenades would occasionally help kill a Knight on Legendary if I threw it exactly when they were charging to throw theirs (otherwise they'd always dodge it) Never outright killed one, but take their shields down maybe. But killed several of them on Heroic runs for level specific achievements.
I know! I'm doubting it too myself, but I'm getting the challenge complete message for #?/8 Legendary complete.

It could be the range from which I'm throwing the Pulse Grenades. I'm throwing them from Mid/Long - short range pretty much only works the way Jakez explained.

Also, a charged Plasma Pistol shot on Knights works wonders... followed by about 2 or 3 scoped LightRifle headshots to finish them off. I should be done with this playthrough within the next 2 hours - and then I'll know for sure if it was Legendary.

Edit: It was Legendary. :/ Compared to Halo 2 the difficulty was a 3! Ran through this in 8 hours probably.

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