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Thanks to all for the tips. Think I'm on chapter 9 or 10 atm. Little frustrating at some parts but not too bad.

Also, I know it would probably make the game too easy but am I the only one who has been constantly wishing that you didn't die right away and your partners could revive you? Just seems weird to me that the ai can be revived but you can't.

Update: Just finished my chapter 14 on Fubar. Killed last guy by sticking him with a grenade. Poor bastard. Epic final kill though. Thanks again to all the tips.

The only tip I can really give that made chapter 13 and 14 a piece of cake is to make use of the 417. Don't try to pop out of cover with it stand behind walls or other tall cover and slowly strafe around corners picking off targets. Doing this I was able to easily cross the bridge in chapter 14 without dying. Speaking of which for that part when you have to destroy the mortar with an rpg. If you like the weapons you have then quickly pick up whatever weapon you switched for the rpg after you shoot it. That way if you die you'll have your preferred weapons when you respawn.

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