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My theory

I am going to toss my opinion in here since I am now going through the process of trying to fix this glitch… and yeah, EA’s online support is about as helpful as used toilet paper.

I have also completed all tours at least once. I am very close to completing my second tours on assault and demolition.

The last tour I had to complete was pointman. Here’s what happened:
I completed a match and had 49,919 of XP in PM. I needed 81. I was playing sector control. I started the next game, ran to cap the first flag. That was worth 100 points. That would have put me over 50,000 for the class. Naturally, the Xbox froze. I shut it off. I checked Battlelog, I was still at 49,919. The problem is, the stats were recorded and counted in the game. When I booted up the game again, it sent that new stat to Battlelog. Since I had received the 100 points for capping, I was now into my second tour with the class (by 19 points), but because of the crash I never received the credit at the end of the game for completing the tour with the class!!

Before I go further I will tell you that I am only 5k away from a second tour of assault and I am going to see if completing that one random tour will pop the achievement… but I don’t think it will. I think the issue is more direct.

I believe saving the data will help in fixing this glitch, but I think the more important thing here is to remember which class glitched when completing a tour, and to finish another tour with that class so you can get the credit (in-game) for completing one. Does that make sense?

The problem is, I have hard crashed more than once and I don’t know if the other times were coincidently when I was completing a tour.

But I have another idea in regards to the saving: Since the stats get saved in the game but not sent to Battlelog (because you didn’t properly end the match to send the results), THAT is the time you need to DELETE THE SAVE! Do it right after you crash so that you can download the stats as they appear on Battlelog, which was not updated when you crashed! Had I done that, I would have started the next game at 49,919 again and gotten credit for completing a tour.

My theory is that you would basically be reset to before the crash and could try again. Sort of like reverting to a restore point if your windows update sucks.

I cannot tell you if this works. I can only tell you that this is what I will be trying as I run through 2nd tours for every class… I am not sure which classes are prone to the freeze/glitch – but from everything I have read and seen, this seems to be the issue – a crash that prevents you from getting the in-game credit at the end of the match for completing a tour. You still got the points and completed it and are in the 2nd (or 3rd, etc) tour, but you did not get the credit for completing the previous tour. Like you got in the club, but are not a member.

Anyway, I plan to keep people updated if I can fix this by outing my theory into practice. I am certainly going to be a lot more cautious when I crash and from now on will be deleting game data if I do crash… if that keeps resetting me, I may be able to prevent a glitch as a result of a freeze.

Does anyone else think I am on to something? Does anyone else remember crashing right around the same time they were going to complete a tour and then the achievement glitched?
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