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Originally Posted by DEG23 View Post
Shooting Stars – 35
Shoot down 40 UFOs

To shoot down a UFO you will need a satellite and at least one interceptor. Once a satellite has detected a UFO via scanning the geoscope in mission control, you need to launch an interceptor in the hope of bringing it down. In the beginning of the game this will be fairly easy but as the game progresses, you will need to upgrade not only your interceptors themselves but also their payload to be able to take out the alien’s larger UFOs.

A good strategy is to hanger at least one interceptor per continent with a satellite in orbit. Also the more satellites you have, the greater your chances are of discovering a UFO. If you focus on progressing the story as quickly as possible then you should average about 8-12 UFOs per playthrough, so it will take several playthroughs to reach a total of 40.
I saved at the Geoscape then just ignored everything & only shot down UFOs. At game over just reloaded save & did it again. Achv. popped on maybe the 5th one I shot down after reloading.

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