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Originally Posted by Biohazardbinkie View Post
Yeah I figured it was a pc boosted shit when I noticed the nocturnal outfit on the character.

Personally I find it far more enjoyable when the enemies have a sporting chance. This is not to say I don't have really strong equipment. But most times I have my followers wear them cause After hitting 78 everything stops being a challenge when you have superb armor n weapons followed by insane perks.

Exactly, the game is boring once you have insane gear. I was wrong in my initial armor rating, the armor cap to receive an 80% damage reduction is 567, so once you go past that; all armor is overkill and useless.

That is why I go with what I think looks the coolest, and it works.

Here is an old video I posted back when I first got the game and how stupid even the first set of armor is at max level. Within the first hour of the game I had a full set of Imperial heavy armor then got myself the Spartan helmet and took those to max, I used the Imperial sword and shield and called it a day.

The only reason to ever go and get perks in dwarven, daedric, dragonbone, ect. is if you like the looks because the armor rating does nothing for you.

FYI, this was filmed on my Ipod so I know its half assed lame LOL.

Here are the enchantments that I have on my gear since it was alittle hard to read.

This shows you how crazy you can get just by using normal alchemy and enchanting techniques and not doing that stupid stacking crap to get up to 53487562 damage or whatever the hell.

Gear enchantments is as follows.
Imperial Armor: Health and Stamina regeneration +36%
Imperial Bracers: Bows and One-handed +47%
Imperial Boots: Sneaking and One-handed +47%
Imperial Helmet: Bows and Lockpicking +47%
Imperial Shield: Magicka Resist +23% Block +47%
Silver Necklace: Health and Stamina regeneration +36%
Silver Ring: Bows and Sneaking +47%
Imperial Skyforge Sword: 15 Frost damage


{Dungeon Fighter Live Wiki}

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