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Originally Posted by DeadlySinz86 View Post
I noticed something about the whole Tour thing, when you first start using the Class. when it counts up your score at the end of a round you get a -1 Tour, so I'm assuming to get the achievement to pop, you need to get from Tour 1 to Tour 2 and not just Tour 0 to Tour 1
I don't think so because there is only ONE class i have completed a second tour with... the one that popped the achievement.

I think it is more of making sure you get credit for completing a tour. If it glitches, you need to erase the corrupted save file, redownload your stats... and then the next time you complete a tour, you trick the game into looking at all of the completed tours and giving you the achievement.

at least that is my theory. but what do i know... i just play them - i dont make them.
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