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Here you go guys, not really spoilers either, just make sure you don't miss them like i did! lol

Hey Good Looking:
I missed this one first time round, start the mission Fallen Angel, basically when you get to the end of the bit in the car, slow down and take a right missing the fire in the middle, use the drone by pressing B when it asks so you can clear the path better

Family Reunion:
Load up the mission Suffer With Me and play through until you come to this part, this one is also missable if you listen to what he says, DO NOT take the headshot, shoot him in the chest

Back In Time:
Not hard at all, but not sure if you can do this before completing the campaign, load up the first level and select a future gun, run through the mission and it will be yours.

All Intel Locations with mission names

Zombies, Happy Hour

hope these help!

feel free to use in any guides!

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