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Originally Posted by ShadyShall View Post
I don't think so because there is only ONE class i have completed a second tour with... the one that popped the achievement.

I think it is more of making sure you get credit for completing a tour. If it glitches, you need to erase the corrupted save file, redownload your stats... and then the next time you complete a tour, you trick the game into looking at all of the completed tours and giving you the achievement.

at least that is my theory. but what do i know... i just play them - i dont make them.
This seems to be the most plausible, deleting save data, (dlc and hd content shouldnt count) and deleting the update by clearing cache, redownloading that, and connecting then hitting the next tour I would imagine, prompt it to read all tours as done.

Deleting DLC and HD content and the warfighter nations thing makes no logical sense to me.
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