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I beat this game on Legendary and this was one of the hardest lvl's in the game for me, but I did it legit. I did use the banshie the same way this video did, but that's not as bad as skipping both towers.

I will admit there were a few times I got a way with running to a check point and sidestepping battles, but never as bad as this.

I am a little mad about this, but I will also admit if I found out about this while on the lvl I would have done it myself.

I am happy I ended up beating the game without glitches because it feels a lot more rewarding. Legendary was hard for me at parts of the game, so beating this game on Legendary has been one of the most rewarding video game experiences of my life.

This is also the first time I played a Halo game on Legendary from the get go, without playing Heroic first.

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