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Has anyone considered comparing this game to previous X-Men games, instead of "all" games ever made? I mean... if you're going to dis the game, at least compare it to previous X-Men games (apples-to-apples) - if you've played all the others.

I played/beat (and still have) "X-Men The Official Game" - and THAT was terrible! The entire game wasn't terrible (there were some good parts)... but I haven't played it since I got all 1000gs out of it (if that tells you anything else about it)!!

Since this game is going to hit the hard-to-find list (people buying-up or keeping their copy of the game, with the court-ruling and all)... I'll be looking to pick-up a copy of the game (on disc, not GoD). At least when I'm done with the game... I can try and sell it. I couldn't sell "X-Men The Official Game." Perhaps "Destiny" will be more in demand?!
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