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Originally Posted by incinerator950 View Post
I like it, but I don't really care about it. I will admit, it still needs improvements. The Epilogue is fine, but the entirety of Thessia to Earth needs a fucking revamp.

Where's the neutral option? Oh right, this is ME3, there are no more options.
i noticed that too. throughout the game there is virtually no real neutral options. i think they did that because of the reputation system. being able to have access to and make certain decisions requires having a high reputation regardless of whether or not you went paragon or renegade and going neutral wouldnt advance that. i like the idea of the reputation system, but i dont like that it dropped the neutral dialogue options.

as for the endings, i dont think its the normal paragon/renegade/neutral scenario. this is caused by people looking at whats happening very differently. the way that i have come to see whats happening shows me that there is a neutral option, and thats what i have picked. as for the other two they are kind of a gray area of paragon or renegade but i wouldnt call either of them neutral. and the fourth one is just plain being oblivious to whats really going on as far as im concerned. i think im thinking about it more than most people which is why i am in the minority with the way that i view things and what my choice is.

in the end, i think the personal nature of the story and its decisions means that you cant pinpoint a "right" ending choice and id like to think they made it that way on purpose because thats something that the series has always done when it comes to its choices.
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