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Originally Posted by UnarmedReaper07 View Post
Pretty much screws over people who don't have kinect.

Download it and it's tied to your Gamer Profile forever. Either keep the downloaded game or remove it and it'll be available to redownload from your Download History (as long as it's NOT delisted from the XBLM).

Then one day, unscrew yourself, and go out and pickup a KINECT. Better yet, find a friend or family member that has a KINECT and borrow it or go play the game on their Xbox.

For someone who DOESN'T have a KINECT, you've got to wonder why you are in the subforum for a KINECT game? If you're good, maybe Santa will get you one this X-mas?

All I have to say is...

Free Game.
Free Achivements.
Free Avatar Awards.
Free Avatar Famestar.


This should be really helpful in my getting back to being a Megastar! Woo Hoo!
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