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Originally Posted by Selections View Post
  • With the sheer size of the game im thinking instead of doing the typical find 100 hidden packages or pigeons, its going to increase to something around 250.
  • Three Protagonists will probably have their own individual achievements. Probably the first GTA title where you'd have to start again to gain a 100% completion? - Also with multiple endings this wouldn't surprise me.
  • Id also like to see separate unique jumps just for bikes etc.
  • Similar achievements to IV would be great;
    Fly under all bridges.
    Instead of the dart achievement they could do a hole-in-one or something with golf.
The Three protagonists achievement, if they do have an achievement for everyone you can probably get them before the game ends, it would be rather annoying to play the game 3 times just to get individual achievements plus ending ones!
Also since there might be different endings Easiest way to get that achievement is make a new save and complete the game from there multiple times?
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