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The problem isn't a right or wrong "choice". The problem is the choices were changed on a last minute "Speculations from everyone" whim and then terribly executed. I'm fine having Space magic like the Synthesis ending, Bioware can prance around with it all they want.

The point is Mac fucked up when he thought it was going to be philosophically enlightening to customers that leaving the endings Ambiguous, or specifically without detail and poor writing, would fly well when people want closure and clear reasoning to know why are we leaving, why are we on a new Garden of Eden, why are you the Catalyst? Then when you have Bioware explicitly telling people they're not going to resort to a Deus Ex Machina for ME3 (Crucible), and then have a variety of endings that are more than plain labels or colors (picture I posted early), all you're going to receive is a lot of angry fans.

I got my time out of ME3 and money's worth. Now I get to enjoy sitting back and remind people how far Bioware sank in pit and fucked up for everyone.

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