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Originally Posted by Steveinator View Post
I have a couple questions about XP and Spartan Ops.

1. Does difficulty effect how much XP you get?

2. Do you get just as much XP from doing older episodes with a group in a custom party as you do from matchmaking on the current episode?
1) not that I've noticed.
2) matchmaking (find a game) gives you twice what you would get as play a chapter

I was getting 2.2k on e1c2 on my own (play a chapter) and 4.5 under find a game.

It doesn't bother me much either way I make more than I do than I do in war games. And you can target what commendations you go for. I play chapters to take out more enemies, like hunter achievement this week. And if xp is what I'm after and I have a dew or Doritos 2x, I play the best scoring current episode chapter. Making just shy of 6k w/o and 11.5k w/ 2x in "find a game".

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