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Originally Posted by Zim View Post
For difficulty I would actually say the game could be a 1 or 2 out of 10. Simply because the games were never designed for save states and having them makes it unimaginably easy.
That's what I was thinking. Save states are a game changer (literally here). However even with them the game(s) can still be quite difficult. I mean in some ways it's like comparing infinite tries/respawns on Legendary in Halo (though here it can abused much more). The games still aren't "easy".

That's why I made it 3 out of 10. IMO even with save states the game will still test players (particularly people new to the game and that don't expect to have to use invisible paths or know how best to deal with some pretty difficult enemies), but it's certainly not harder than that given save states and patience.

Also feel I should add for people that a lot of the achievements in TJ+E2 are unmissable/99.9999999999% unmissable.
The only ones I would say are missable being ''shake rattle and fall'', ''I'll just go on ahead'' and ''Cleaner, better, faster, easier''
The trouble I have with determining this part is the fact that if you were really conservative or unlucky in the first game, you could actually miss some of the actual presents (unlikely though) or enemy related achievements.

It's such an open game that really the only achievements you absolutely can't miss for certain are for finishing the world you choose (even levels that require a present to cross a gap could be solved with doorway or springshoes - neither are "directly" related to an achievement).

The same could be said to an extent for the second game - most of the achievements are actually very easy and many will easily be stumbled upon - but it's technically possible to miss all but 3 AFAIK (i'm not sure if say coins are needed to actually finish or not).

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