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Originally Posted by Selections View Post
That would be amazing. Perhaps an achievement for total time spent in air? That way helicopters and maybe a jetpack (fingers crossed) could be used.

I do see how annoying replaying 30 hours of a game just to see an alternative ending can be. Maybe there's a save restriction when you're near the end? Say the last 3 missions are all progression based one after the next and take ~2-3 hours total to complete. Just to add to it being a dificult achievement.

Lets face it, how many people play GTA once and then thats it? I dusted off the PS2 to play GTAIII a while back

Im really interested to see how Rockstar takes the three protagonists in terms of incorporating it seamlessly into the storyline. I've got high hopes for this.
You're also i played and beaten GTA IV like 5 times & GTA SA around 3 times.. so i would definitely beat this game more than once.

Rockstar is getting kown for ending off the protagonist in their games (Red Dead, L.A. Noire) Lets see if they do it here again It was sad when Cole, and Marston Died
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