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Originally Posted by StolenPaper18 View Post
If there are multiple disks, I hope we can just install them and play off of one. I don't like having to stop my gameplay and switch disks.
Its pretty much the norm these days, they would be severely backtracking any progress and just being plain lazy if you couldn't install the disks.

Originally Posted by B A R 4 D View Post
I just hope the city is as detailed as it's size.
I really hope so too. In saying that, I hope they bring in more uniqueness with each building. The generic standard layout in every apartment complex in GTA IV got boring.

Originally Posted by InsaneKane87 View Post
I see there being 2 discs but still one for single player. Sure it's massive but look how massive Skyrim is in and out and that's only like 4.6GB and I believe you can fit 7 or 8 GB'S on one disc.
Skyrim is pretty simple when you think about it. Each area that is populated is loaded separately; Cities, dungeons, caves etc. GTA on the other hand is completely open. Being able to walk into a building or drive over to another island and have it load almost seamlessly.

Also the only major detail in Skyrim goes into the loading areas I just mentioned. Everything outside in "the world" or w/e you want to call it is just basic floor terrain with trees and rocks scattered. GTA is always busy with cars and people everywhere.

It all comes down to processing power though, no matter how many discs you chuck at it. If they can surprise me with a game that's amazing as what ive seen in screenshots & trailers I couldn't care less if it was 1 or 10 discs. Or even a 500mb download off live.

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