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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 40 (880)
-Online: 6 (120)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 22-25 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+ replays
-Number of missable achievements: None (can replay any level)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes (Absolution achievement). Play on at least Hard.
-Glitchy achievements: Jack of All Trades has not unlocked while at 20/20 for some people.
-Unobtainable achievements? None
-Extra equipment needed? Online pass but it's free


In this game, you play as Agent 47, a professional assassin. You have many ways to take out your enemies and main targets. This game requires you play on at least Hard mode to gain a difficulty related achievement. There are challenges, collectibles, and an online mode which you must complete to gain all achievements. An online pass is required by some regions (though it is free in North America). So far the rating is a 6/10 based on the game being pretty difficult on Hard alone. Without any kind of guide, you can die multiple times not realizing there was an easy way (like just avoiding certain areas in general).

Step 1: Campaign

There are 20 levels to complete for this game. Difficulty matters, so play it on Hard mode if you would like to get the achievement out of the way. Replaying missions on Hard also works for the achievement. This gives you some flexibility if you want to come back to a mission later if it's difficult. You can play any way you see fit to accomplish your goals. Remember that you cannot get any of the achievements in the prologue aside from completing it. You must do all achievements on the following missions. A great place to tackle a lot of the achievements is Mission 2: The King of Chinatown. It is a one area type of mission and you can get a lot of the achievements quickly including the Silent Assassin achievement.

Step 2: Contracts Mode

This is the game's online mode. You do not fight against other players, but set up contracts for them to kill. The game uses the same levels as the campaign but you can pick any AI in the level as a target. You can choose up to 3. A contract is created when a player chooses an AI as a target and kills them in whatever way they see fit. The other player whom is playing the contract must mimic the assassination. There are a few achievements related to this mode, so look through the guide to see what you need.

Note: People have been confirming they used alternate or silver accounts to gain achievements based on Contracts Mode.

Step 3: Misson Replays

If you missed anything or need to complete challenges, collectibles, etc, then you can now do so on Medium difficulty. You only need 100 challenges, so only pick the ones that are easy. Don't bother going for ones such as Suit Only or ones requiring you never to get detected. They take up a lot of time and effort.


This game is pretty straightforward with it's achievements. With mission select, you will be able to retry what you may have missed. The game's saving feature is nice so that once you complete a challenge for example, you may quit out and move on to the next (instead of completing the rest of the level). The game is forgiving in the fact it doesn't make you do all challenges, but under half of them. The games achievements are extremely easy, but the difficulty of the story on Hard difficulty can prove frustrating for some.

Credits: Cinderkin for an early look into the achievements for this game, and for providing me with the information I needed to start this guide. He has revealed all secret achievements to me as well.
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