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Grand Master 150
You completed 100 challenges

Challenges are within every level. There are a total of 278 that are available. There are level specific challenges, and challenges that are universal for each mission. If you are replaying a level, you may quit out or restart the checkpoint and the challenge would have saved.

Note: Cannot be obtained on easy difficulty.

For specific information on the challenges which help you complete them, visit the below thread.

Challenges Guide

Reach for the Stars 50
You completed 50 challenges

See "Grand Master" achievement description.

The Russian Hare 20
You performed 47 headshots using a sniper rifle

You can slow down time and get headshots easily by holding lightly, then fully pulling it when you have a clear shot. There are a few levels with the sniper rifle so you can just keep playing those sections until you run out of ammo or die. The best level to attempt this is the last level called Absolution. The very start of the level arms you with a sniper rifle that has a silencer. You can pick off multiple enemies and just reload your checkpoint.

A Taste for the Game 20
You completed 10 challenges

See "Grand Master" achievement description.

Absolution 50
You completed Hitman: Absolution™ as a professional

There are 5 total difficulties to choose from:
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Expert
  • Purist
Complete each mission on Hard or higher without changing the difficulty. Pick one of those difficulties and stick with it until you have the achievement. All three are considered "professional". You have no player activated checkpoints and enemies have better than average reaction times. Also your instinct won't restore on it's own.

You always have the option to replay missions on easier settings. The game always asks you what difficulty you want to play the missions on. If you play the entire game on Normal, you can just replay missions on Hard to gain the achievement. You do not have to restart the entire game. Replaying missions will work.

Jack of All Trades 30
You collected all 20 play styles

There are a total of 20 different play styles that you earn. They can be viewed in the Unlocks section from the main menu. There is a hidden amount you must complete for each, so just keep doing the task to gain them. A lot of them can be done on civilians in crowded areas such as Chinatown, so don't make them harder than they have to be. They unlock and show you a notification when you meet the requirements while in the mission.

Needle Pumper: Stealth Kill with Syringes 5 times. You can technically be spotted and hide somewhere, then stealth kill people as they are hunting you. There is a syringe in the mission "Rosewood" right by the first fuse you must collect as part of an obejective.
Undertaker: Hide 5 bodies. As you kill enemies, just remember to hide them.
Piano Man: Kill 5 people with the garrot (your wire) via steath.
Reaper Man: Use Point Shooting to kill 8 enemies. This seems tough at first but it's not. Civilians count and shotguns can actually be used for Point Shooting. In Chinatown this works very well if you have a shotgun and full instinct.
Sandman: Subdue 3 people. This should come naturally as you play.
Dynasty Warrior: Get 9 kills with Katana.
Dynamite Harry:
Get 5 kills with remote explosives.Extremely easy in Chinatown. In the first Chinatown you come across on the second level, there are explosives in an alley on the left near a yellow car (go up the stairs). Grab the remote detonator and throw the explosives into a crowd and detonate it.
Gunslinger: Get 15 kills with revolver.A revolver is any gun with a revolving barrel (the circular middle piece). Start up Birdie's Gift which starts you in a gun shop. The back wall has a Mustang Snub. Grab it and run around trying to find ammo for it (stock it at 60). Now Kill some people and run up the stairs past the employee only swinging door. Hold off and kill people when they come up.
Bartender: Get 5 kills with bottles.Easiest to do on the mission Welcome To Hope. The area you start in is a bar and has tons of bottles. Go into the bathroom and flip the lever to cause a bar fight. No go and grab bottles attack people with them.
Champion: 5 hand based combat kills. An extremely easy way to get this is to walk into a crowded location like Chinatown and just keep pressing as you move around, killing everyone with your hands.
Beserker: Get 5 kills with fire axe.
5 stealth kills with knives.
Get 5 kills with blunt weapon. A good spot is in Hunter and the Hunted. When you get to Chinatown, stick to your left until you get to stairs leading down. By a trash can you will find a sledgehammer. Go kill people in the crowds or police with it. Try to make sure it is swinging and hitting them, not choking them.
Tank: Take damage 20 times. Should come naturally.
Pitcher: Kill 5 people with thrown objects undetected (knife, axe, screwdriver, etc).A good area to get this is the last area of Rosewood. You start by a knife and there are 2 enemies to kill with it. Then the next area has 2 enemies and another knife. Then after that you can get your last.
Spook: Get 3 kills with silenced gun undetected.These must be stealth kills (as in pressing while behind an enemy).
Jinx: Get 2 kills via accidents. Many levels have "accidents" waiting to happen. There are a few which will kill multiple people.
Maestro: Get 5 sniper rifle kills via headshots in a row.
Glass Cannon:
Get 3 shotgun kills while remaining undamaged.Works pretty well in crowds, as you can get 3 kills in one shot (crowds with lots of civilians).
Bank Robber: Use 3 human shields without killing them. This works best on civilians in a crowded area. Just grab the person using when prompted to use as a human shield. Now quickly press to knock them out (so that they do not die from people shooting at you). Do so a few more times and you should see it unlock.

It's All in the Wrist 50
You successfully performed a lethal throw

This can be obtained in any mission beyond the prologue (cannot be obtained in Personal Contract mission). Pick up an axe or a knife (or anything that is a sharp throwing weapon). Hold and aim for the head of the enemy. As long as it's red, press to throw it. If successful, the object will kill the enemy. The earliest you can get this is in Mission 2: The King of Chinatown. There are knives near the chefs. You can pick one up and use it to gain the achievement, then reload if you wish.

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Another great guide, you are the best Tyger. There should be a forum section comprised entirely of your guides alone with a top sticky thread for praise.
The things people say to get to 5 posts...

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