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Information is Power 30
You collected all evidence

There are 45 pieces of evidence to collect through the missions. There is an in-game tracker that shows which evidence you have collected and on which levels. In the challenges screen during levels, you can see what section of the level has evidence and if you have obtained it or not. You can also view this from the main menu in the challenges section.

Visit this thread here for a guide to obtain them all. It's both written and has a video to help.

Evidence Location Guide

Thumbs Up 20
You liked a contract

Go into Contract Mode. Go into quickplay and choose any contract from the sets available. It's easiest to do a friend's challenge that they made extremely easy on purpose. After you complete the contract, you will see the "Like" feature. Press to pull up a menu to like or dislike the contract. Choose the plus symbol to like it and gain the achievement. If you dislike it, you will not be able to ever like it and will need to play a different contract.

Achievement Trading Thread

Damage Control 20
You contained a situation gone bad

This can only be obtained after the first level. You must cause mischief/chaos within an area. Run around being careless, shooting people, not sneaking around, etc. Enemies will become hostile and attack you. Kill all enemies and once things are back to normal, the achievement unlocks. See One With the Shadows for similar achievement but hiding from everyone. This is best done with a low amount of enemies around.

Set for Life 20
You earned 1 million contracts dollars

This is a total amount earned. If you wish you can boost this with a friend by making extremely easy contracts for one another to gain money quickly. You can also earn money on the tutorial. You cannot keep replaying the same contract to gain money. You can also play some through quickplay. Just remember, not everyone wants to make it easy on you. An easy contract is to play on Chinatown. As soon as you exit the doors, mark the 2 chefs. Use Point Shooting and exit to the door on the right. This can take under a minute to complete and earns you well over $100,000.

Self-improvement 20
You bought an upgrade for a weapon

This game allows you to upgrade weapons by earning currency through contracts and completing missions. Use this money to buy an upgrade and unlock the achievement. Go into the "Unlocks" section, then to "Safehouse". Choose "Weapons". Move to Silverballer and you should see a money sign on the third icon in upgrade slots. Select upgrade with to buy it, and the achievement will unlock.

First Contract 20
You completed the Creating Contracts Tutorial

At the start screen, highlight the Contracts mode and enter it. Scroll down to Tutorials and choose "Creating Contracts". Complete this tutorial for the achievement. This shows you how to create contracts for others to play. Once you are done, you may link this with the "Competitive Spirit" achievement by sending out a competition for what you just created.

Blood Money 20
You completed the Contract Basics Tutorial

At the start screen, highlight the Contracts mode and enter it. Scroll down to Tutorials and choose "Contract Basics". Complete this tutorial for the achievement. This will show you how to finish a contract that has been created.

True Potential 20
You unlocked a technique

This can be obtained in any level. You can unlock a technique by having a high score at the end of a level's checkpoint. You are notified by the game if the level checkpoint grants you a technique and if so, what score is needed to obtain it.

Partners in Crime 20
You played a contract made by a friend

Have someone on your friend's list create a contract, and play it. You can use the below thread to find people to help with this if no one on your list is playing the game. Go into quickplay and select "from friends". The achievement unlocks right away, you don't even have to play it if you don't need the money.

Achievement Trading Thread

Competitive Spirit 20
You created a contract competition

Create a contract competition in Contract Mode. This can be easily obtained after doing the tutorial on how to create them. The game actually let's you use what you created as a competition afterwards. Just pick a friend (or many) and send it out.

Achievement Trading Thread

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