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Originally Posted by ktmare View Post
This happened to me too, just exit the memory and restart it. Should work then. The glyphs should automatically line up when theyre close and if they don't, exit and restart.Also I know you're gonna have a *b* of a time with the wolves afterwards so as soon as they spawn run left and back a little to the fallen tree you can hide in. And when a wolf is close, jump out and hit X to automatically kill it.

Thank you this worked perfectly for me, for getting the glyphs to work however I could not find a tree that you can hide in to save my life.

Originally Posted by VerifyedRasta View Post
I used poison darts to take them out and surprisingly still got 100% sync.
I did not try the poison darts but I found somthing that I think is just as easy if you do not have any posion darts on you. Under the tree that was touched by fire. If you hide in the pile of leaves at its base the wolves will walk right up to it. Just jump out in the direction of one of the wolves and hit x to kill it. It will not allow you to do a stealth kill from inside the pile like you could a guard. As soon as you kill one jump back in the pile rinse and repeat. Have already tired it three different times and even had a friend try it and it worked for him to.
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